YOU: Wow, life sure is unbearable, I've made so many bad decisions, my friends all hate me
and on top of that I'm growing older with each day. I sure wish I could make a videogame.

ME: Have you considered making a VIDEOGAME???

Game Make Things:<

Adventure Game Studio free, 2d pointy clicky bullshit
RPG Maker 2003 free, 2d walky talky bullshit
Klik & Play free, 2d anything/everything bullshit
Twine free, 2d texty clicky bullshit
Unity free, 3d anything/everything bullshit but it takes more energy to learn/tt>

Most of the things listed here are easy-to-use prefab engines
which make certain assumptions about what you're trying to make in order to streamline the process of using them
as much as possible. It's a bit of a trade-off but there's still plenty of room to fuck around and have good times.
They're the things I've always liked to use and if you want to fool around with vaguely manipulable mongrel experience
things then I'd say they're a good place to start. Pick one and play around in it until you get an effect you like and
then release it as a ""video game"" to take advantage of existing distribution methods, like those wasps that
propagate by laying their eggs inside a caterpillar. If you don't know what a videogame is or what they're supposed
to do with one that's cool, nobody else does either. Chew up garbage media and use the mulch to make cool hives to
store the tiny, stupid things you care about, or as a place for friends to hang out. There are literally thousands of
exciting insect-based analogies to engaging in this kind of activity and the reader is encouraged to come up with their