ASTRO MAN          

AM: Well, this planet is not on my astro charts. I was dropped here by people whose language I didn't understand and who picked me up in Verona 9 when I traded them my ray-gun. I thought for sure they'd shoot me. I left the ship behind some time ago because it was too expensive for me to maintain on my own, a Code 1 violation of command protocol. It's impossible to keep track of which direction I'm moving in anymore. This planet is pretty but I think the fruit is corroding my insides. I'm not really biologically suited for any of these worlds so it's more a matter of skimming from one to another, trying not to get bogged down, hoping the effects of plunging into all these different systems are somehow cancelling themselves out til I get somewhere I can review. My training allows me to withstand a lot although I've also noticed changes in the way I use that, less as a way of temporarily roughing out situations til I can get back to a safe haven and more a way of trying to balance out all these changes in perpetuity, looking for moments of balance or quiet between them. The planet really is quite pretty. I haven't seen any of the monsters, anyway. By the scorchmarks I think that a small ship landed here about a month ago, maybe a maintenance craft, and I'm hoping it's a regular stopoff. It's hard to keep track of time with all these different lengths of planetary day. Measure hair? Fingernails? Unfortunately I have neither. I'm not sure if I'll get a chance to report again since I plan to trade them my communicator. What should I say? HQ, good luck against the monsters. I hope you do OK. Signing off,
Licensed Operative No. #9951,
Astro Man