Here are my reviews of some recent videogames.

Cyber Cop 2
Great! In this game you play as the Cyber Cop, walking down the roads of a long,
dark city… What's that? A flash of light! Quickly - yah! Got him! Locating a Cyber
Pod, I type an email to the chief - "mission accomplished". Then it's back onto the
streets again…

Chopper Assault
The chief wakes me up in the middle of the night. Chief, I never knew! But he's
hard and resolute! No time for kidding - there's a mission to be done. Quickly I get
my chopper and fly out into the jungle. It is very quiet and I'm the only one around.
I imagine myself in a raft, being pulled slowly through the peaceful jungle… Suddenly a
series of pods emerged from the sea and began to fly around so I used my missiles on the
fiends. Another mission… Well done…

Cop Chopper
I am a lonely cop flying through the streets of Helicopter City…
It's so peaceful up here - it's hard to believe I wasn't born as a helicopter!
I see some street thugs lounging around a corner. I fly in for a closer look and they throw
a trashcan at me. Thinking coolly, I dodge and use my missiles on the fiends. It's back to the

Cyber Assault
I am in my bed dreaming about the chief. The duvets are so warm that I never want to wake up…
Suddenly the chief appears for real! Quick as a flash I jump into my uniform and I'm off
to join the cyber assault. In my warm helicopter, I glide serenely above the fray, and use
my missiles where it seems appropriate. My uniform is so comfortable… It feels just like…
warm cotton pajamas… Oh noooo!

Cyber Cyber 2
A match-3 game where the gems are cyber terminals that you, as a cyber cop, walk by… The tiny
live-action man superimposed on the spinning gems felt very hallucinatory and I'm still not sure
if I dreamed this game.

Assault Cop
"Chief, how do you really feel about me?" I hesitatingly ask. "Criminals are invading the
northwest sector! Drive up there and show them who's boss!" Sighing I comply and before you know
it I'm back on the lonely streets. My guy looks so vulnerable and I feel sorry for him, there,
alone… He is holding a large gun that I use to shoot rascals. Jumping over crates, I get the
power ups and the missiles. It feels like I'm dreaming… Is it possible to fall in love in a dream?